Electrical Engineering

Traditionally the largest and most diverse in all of engineering, the department of Electrical Engineering offers courses with various degrees of emphasis on theory, design, experimental work, and computer simulation. Subject matter ranges from semiconductors, electromagnetics, circuits and electronics, and electric power, to control, computer, communication, and information processing systems.The vision of the department is to provide the leadership to enable student’s excellence in the field of Electrical Engineering. The department is committed to advancement of the frontiers of knowledge in Electrical Engineering and to provide the students with a stimulating and rewarding learning experience.

The various labs of this department are:

  • Electrical Measurements Lab
  • Electronics Devices & Circuits lab
  • Electrical Workshop
  • DC Machines
  • Digital Lab
  • PLC and Micro controller Lab
  • Electrical Maintenance Lab
  • CAD Lab
  • Industrial Electronics Lab
  • AC Machines Lab


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